Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Project Gutenberg: collected Byron

Every now and then I remember Project Gutenberg, and then kick myself for the waste of however many months since I last gave it a second thought. Today was a remembering day, and I idly wondered if the collected lettters of Byron might have made it to publication.


This inches thick hardback is a book I've dragged home from libraries in at least four cities. It's hefty, and having it in kindle format will mean less weightlifting and more reading.

Delighted, and so grateful to the volunteers who make Gutenberg such a great resource. Last time I had spare time I was proofing letters written by a man who went on to be an early American President during the turbulence of the war. John Adams??? Maybe?  It was great - even if the finer details now escape me - and something I would never have ordinarily read. I'm going to find a few hours and proof read again this month. Do something good while sitting down with a nice cup of coffee: why not?

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