Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Pratchett T 2009 Unseen academicals

My house contains more books than bookshelves. This problem cannot be resolved with more bookshelves, as my house has also run out of walls. I'm going to reread and donate for a while. Trying to pick out the books I kinda wanna read again, but will probably be okay letting go of by the last page.

Like everyone I know, my Pratchett shelf is well thumbed. These are comfort books that come to bed with me. They've been dropped in the bath. They've gone to the beach,  and the park, and I don't know what that stain is. It's fine to start reading any one of these books wherever they fall open, and there's no need to read to the end after the first few passes. Pratchett bears the test of time.

But not all Pratchetts are equal. I particularly liked the Moist von Lipwig series. I enjoy the witches, seeing myself as something of a Magrat. I can't really be doing with the faux-Scots nonsense in the Tiffany Aching books.

This one is middling-good. Cut brutally in half by an editor with chutzpah I think it would've been very good. The idea of the wizards footballing is visually funny but I think Pratchett is better at plot & dialogue than description and theme. I have no idea why there's a high fashion sub plot (football is for boys, so let's give the girls & the gays fancy clothes?). I suspect the Orc represents some kind of anti racism undertone, but it's laboured and Pratchett's not my choice of social-conscience reading.

 Bye bye, book.

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