Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Stross C 2013 The revolution trade

Part three of the trilogy, and unlike part two (when I was mostly figuring out who's who and what's what) I'm powering my way through the story and enjoying the factions and the politicing.

My thoughts about the earlier novel apply to this one too. Great writing. Strong central idea, explored in interesting ways. Characters I believe in - I welcomed more of Lady Brill & her kick ass ways this time. Writing that's a pleasure to read.

War is a central theme. There are two civil wars, and an interplanetary one. I'm writing this review half way through the book, and I've been expecting a third civil war to kick off for the last 100 pages. It seems having world-walkers is, um, destabilisng. I'm hoping the book returns to, and explores the moral dimension of, what I'm going to call the BIG KER-BLAM!!! moment. It feels like there's more that shoud be said about the BANG that happens.

I'm also very entertained by the firm views on contemporary Americn government that the author isn't shy of sharing. This is my favourite line:
You know how the Americans respond to attack. They are relentless, and they will slaughter millions without remorse in the name of vengeance.

First line:
The inspectors arrived before dawn.
PS: took my own anti-brick advice. Kindle, baby.

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