Monday, 18 March 2013

Glynn, A. 2001 Limitless

I fell asleep ten minutes into the film, but the premise intrigued so I got the book.

Big Pharma Are Bad. Why aren't the good drugs fair trade?

Remember the first time you saw The Matrix, and when you left the cinema the buzz was all would you take the red pill, or the blue? And also, coooool coat? This novel tries to build up  that buzz. If you could take a drug that made you smart and successful, would you? If it damaged you, would you still take it? If it damaged others?

The protagonist is a wastrel, and the drugs make a difference. I feel much the same about nice coffee. But it takes him till nearly the end of the book to think about securing his supply by becoming a kitchen chemist. Unlike me: I know where the coffee is and I'm not afraid to brew it.

First line
It's getting late. I don't have too sharp a sense of time any more, but I know it must be after eleven, and maybe even getting on for midnight. I'm reluctant to look at my watch though - because that will only remind me of how little time I have left.

Last line
Then I look at the keyboard once more and, wishing the command had a wider, smarter application - wishing it could somehow mean what it says - press 'save'.

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